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Coloured streaks through layers

My friend is planning on going pink, and I couldn’t help but feed my addiction and dye my own hair too. 

I’m going away to my friend’s beach holiday house… so I wanted something light and fun.

Seeing as though my hair already has an ombre style of blonde, I didn’t want to do any highlights that could potentially ruin the look, so I decided to go for an old ‘streak dip dye’ look. Now, I have learnt a lot from my past adventures and this time, I’m thinking it will come out looking good.

Aim: Coloured streaks showing through layers.


(if you don’t have layers, skip step 2 and 3)

  1. Start with DRY hair
  2. Tie up top layers of hair, leaving just the longer bits.
  3. Put your finger where your longer layers end. Put bobby pin at this height. 
  4. Choose the strands where you wish your streaks to go and tie the rest back in a bun. (If you find this hard, put your selected strands in your mouth!) Try not to choose big clumps of hair. Spread it evenly back to front and don’t choose strands that are too close together!! 
  5. Put hair dye of choice into a mixing bowl. (If you want a PASTEL colour, mix a 5 cent coin amount of dye with globs of conditioner. Mix with paint brush, chopstick, whatever utensil you have I suppose. One you don’t care about)
  6. Put on gloves!
  7. Apply coloured dye to your hair. (If you have layers,  apply above the bobby pin mark to your desired length to ensure that the streaks fall underneath the layers, which gives it more of a gradual effect)
  8. Leave on for recommended time (average 15 - 20 minutes)
  9. Rinse and apply conditioner or a moisturising mask. 
  10. Leave to air dry :) 

I will post a photo when its dry,

thanks for reading and good luck!!!


Top: Before

Bottom: After (ignore creepy smile)


They did my hair AGAIN. It was quite hilarious actually, I arrived 20 minutes earlier than the time they told me to get there, and then I was rushed into seating because they were fretting I wouldn’t turn up. I didn’t get any consultation, there was limited discussion on what they were going to do to my hair. The woman had flown in from Melbourne and she had an idea that she wasn’t going to change, no matter what. It was all very exciting but I couldn’t help but hate the fact I didn’t have any say. 

SO she started bleaching my fringe. 

My stomach turned. 

I didn’t mention anything about not dying my roots because I thought since I already mentioned it, and she was rushing… I had to go along with it. 

She lightened the entire first third of my hair towards my face (I don’t know any proper hair-cutting terminology…) It took a lot less time than expected, it took about half an hour to sit and then it was immediately washed out! I was so surprised. They used some kind of fancy lightening stuff… was bizarro. 

I’ll tell you what was bizarro… my hair after the lightening… gee wizz. 

It was cool to have a blonde fringe though.

They then moved me into a room with a rather large audience. I sat in a chair on a stage and they all watched me get my hair done. I was getting pink put in. I wasn’t really told clearly what they were doing with the pink, even after it was washed out and blowdried they didn’t explain it. They didn’t even show me the back.

I am in love with it though.

It honestly… is the best thing ever.

I have dark pink bits at the front which sort of cascade into my pre-bleached hair from the past. It has a dusty pink tone to it. The fringe looks awesome…

I know you can’t really tell in the picture above but just trust me on this one.

If you are a bit of a dare-devil, in search of something new and you are accustom to change then I would HIGHLY recommend doing hair modelling for TONI&GUY. I am pretty sure you can apply in store. If you live in Sydney, I know that the Oxford St one is always looking for models- I just walked in and I got the job! It is free (by my understanding) and definitely an experience I won’t forget!!!