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Hair Update!!! :)

I haven’t done a hair update for months and months so I feel like its a good time!!!

So the fringe has grown out into "slut straps" (aka. bangs on side of face that usually go past the chin) which is a plus because I love 90’s/early 00’s hair and it looks great in a pony tail. 

My roots have also grown a lot and due to the amazing hair dye job I had done (this time last year) I have been able to grow them out relatively smoothly. Although I feel like my hair sometimes reflects Tully from BB AU, its at a length where it sort of looks like ombre` as you can see in photo 1. 

I have the name of the hairdresser at the bottom (he isn’t paying me lol)

Cutting my hair at the beginning of the year was a very good decision, and I have come to realise that my hair is only curly when it is layered. My hair being all the same length at the ends have left me with much straighter hair. This was a big surprise to me but it makes a lot of sense.

My hair is probably in the best condition it has been in for many many years and this is how I have been able to achieve this:

  • I only ever straighten or blow dry on special occasions - which is rather rare
  • I have been using amazing shampoo and conditioner (Product listed below)
  • I maintain split ends regularly
  • I stopped putting a shitload of product in my hair unnecessarily
  • I only use Fudge Paintbox to dye my hair which is a temporary dye and barely affects it

Basically, a good way to sum it all up- LESS IS MORE

Cutting out bad habits becomes a lot easier when your hair starts to noticeably look healthier, because you aren’t constantly trying to improve it!!!!  


I am pleased with the way my hair is going and I plan to grow it much longer. I have been thinking about dying it but I am FIGHTING THE URGES because I have finally been able to cut the addiction :P 

Thanks for reading x


Evin Austin - Bondi Junction (Sydney Aus)

Organix Shampoo and Conditioner (Leaving the conditioner on for as long as possible when in the shower) 

+ Tresemme` split remedy leave-in spray (used after showers on damp hair) - - - this stuff is really nice! 

Coloured streaks through layers

My friend is planning on going pink, and I couldn’t help but feed my addiction and dye my own hair too. 

I’m going away to my friend’s beach holiday house… so I wanted something light and fun.

Seeing as though my hair already has an ombre style of blonde, I didn’t want to do any highlights that could potentially ruin the look, so I decided to go for an old ‘streak dip dye’ look. Now, I have learnt a lot from my past adventures and this time, I’m thinking it will come out looking good.

Aim: Coloured streaks showing through layers.


(if you don’t have layers, skip step 2 and 3)

  1. Start with DRY hair
  2. Tie up top layers of hair, leaving just the longer bits.
  3. Put your finger where your longer layers end. Put bobby pin at this height. 
  4. Choose the strands where you wish your streaks to go and tie the rest back in a bun. (If you find this hard, put your selected strands in your mouth!) Try not to choose big clumps of hair. Spread it evenly back to front and don’t choose strands that are too close together!! 
  5. Put hair dye of choice into a mixing bowl. (If you want a PASTEL colour, mix a 5 cent coin amount of dye with globs of conditioner. Mix with paint brush, chopstick, whatever utensil you have I suppose. One you don’t care about)
  6. Put on gloves!
  7. Apply coloured dye to your hair. (If you have layers,  apply above the bobby pin mark to your desired length to ensure that the streaks fall underneath the layers, which gives it more of a gradual effect)
  8. Leave on for recommended time (average 15 - 20 minutes)
  9. Rinse and apply conditioner or a moisturising mask. 
  10. Leave to air dry :) 

I will post a photo when its dry,

thanks for reading and good luck!!!


Hello! I have just put some blue and purple dye in my hair,

here is what I did:

  • Shampoo and rinse
  • Towel Dry
  • Sectioned hair half up (choose where you would like the colour to go… seeing as though I am using blue and purple, I wanted to put purple on the ends and the majority of the bottom and then apply blue to the top and roots… this is my first time doing two toned hair so don’t judge me if it looks terrible!!)

I poured the purple into a bowl and just used a dye brush to get all my ends and literally paint on where I wanted the purple to be. 

For the next part I added in a lot of conditioner and some argan oil to help maintain the colour, nourish it and also make the purple more pastel… 

  • I put the mixed purple onto the higher parts of my hair
  • De-sectioned my hair and continued to put purple on in streak like sections

put blue in bowl and added a LOT of conditioner (because the blue was very dark)

  • painted the blue on my fringe and top parts of my hair

Now I am waiting for about 15-30 minutes and I have NO IDEA what its going to look like. I will post a before-during-and after photo when it is all done!!! :)

  • When rinsing out don’t apply shampoo, just put conditioner on the ends. 

thank you! x