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Hello! I have just put some blue and purple dye in my hair,

here is what I did:

  • Shampoo and rinse
  • Towel Dry
  • Sectioned hair half up (choose where you would like the colour to go… seeing as though I am using blue and purple, I wanted to put purple on the ends and the majority of the bottom and then apply blue to the top and roots… this is my first time doing two toned hair so don’t judge me if it looks terrible!!)

I poured the purple into a bowl and just used a dye brush to get all my ends and literally paint on where I wanted the purple to be. 

For the next part I added in a lot of conditioner and some argan oil to help maintain the colour, nourish it and also make the purple more pastel… 

  • I put the mixed purple onto the higher parts of my hair
  • De-sectioned my hair and continued to put purple on in streak like sections

put blue in bowl and added a LOT of conditioner (because the blue was very dark)

  • painted the blue on my fringe and top parts of my hair

Now I am waiting for about 15-30 minutes and I have NO IDEA what its going to look like. I will post a before-during-and after photo when it is all done!!! :)

  • When rinsing out don’t apply shampoo, just put conditioner on the ends. 

thank you! x