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We all expected this!


Well good thing I prepared a list :)

  • Moisturise thoroughly every wash

I am not kidding. EVERY TIME. At least for now because it requires some drastic measures to retain moisture into this hair! After a while I will turn it to once a week again.. 

  • (as mentioned before) Only shampoo once a week!

Simply because I don’t need to any more often than that, and if I don’t need to- I won’t! 

  • Wear my hair in protective styles

So when I first had it done it was blow dried quite beautifully and felt nice to touch as well, so for a few days I left it in a nice shower cap every rinse. But now- it is frizzy and curly time and just my luck I have also become very ill with a mildly serious infection (its getting better) so I have been at home and my hair has gotten quite… messy to say the least. STYLES I RECOMMEND FOR FRIZZ-BALL HAIR 

-Anything in the plait genre, that is, pigtail plaits, french braid, you get me… this is a protective, stylish and frizz eliminating style that never goes out of season. 

-Anything of the bun variety, messy bun etc. Keeping in mind that sometimes with the more elegant buns (ballet buns) hair can get even messier when taken out at the end of the day so I wouldn’t wear this before a night out!!

-Half up-do. Because it is actually really easy to make the frizz work for you. A good frizzy half up do can look really casual chic. My tip is to only use a small amount of hair in the upper ‘half’ and leave strands at the front of the face to help frame your pretty features ;) Keeping in mind this style isn’t as protective as the others.


I feel like I haven’t used Argan oil in forever but I have never needed it more! Argan oil or Moroccon oil is a MUST but I also recommend Coconut oil. I WILL BE TRYING A LOT OF SERUMS SOON SO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR SOOTHING REMEDY REVIEWS! :D :D

-I want the Kevin Murphy one so bad. 

Okay, my lovelies. Thanks for reading and good luck taming your tresses :) xxx


Hair Update!!! :)

I haven’t done a hair update for months and months so I feel like its a good time!!!

So the fringe has grown out into "slut straps" (aka. bangs on side of face that usually go past the chin) which is a plus because I love 90’s/early 00’s hair and it looks great in a pony tail. 

My roots have also grown a lot and due to the amazing hair dye job I had done (this time last year) I have been able to grow them out relatively smoothly. Although I feel like my hair sometimes reflects Tully from BB AU, its at a length where it sort of looks like ombre` as you can see in photo 1. 

I have the name of the hairdresser at the bottom (he isn’t paying me lol)

Cutting my hair at the beginning of the year was a very good decision, and I have come to realise that my hair is only curly when it is layered. My hair being all the same length at the ends have left me with much straighter hair. This was a big surprise to me but it makes a lot of sense.

My hair is probably in the best condition it has been in for many many years and this is how I have been able to achieve this:

  • I only ever straighten or blow dry on special occasions - which is rather rare
  • I have been using amazing shampoo and conditioner (Product listed below)
  • I maintain split ends regularly
  • I stopped putting a shitload of product in my hair unnecessarily
  • I only use Fudge Paintbox to dye my hair which is a temporary dye and barely affects it

Basically, a good way to sum it all up- LESS IS MORE

Cutting out bad habits becomes a lot easier when your hair starts to noticeably look healthier, because you aren’t constantly trying to improve it!!!!  


I am pleased with the way my hair is going and I plan to grow it much longer. I have been thinking about dying it but I am FIGHTING THE URGES because I have finally been able to cut the addiction :P 

Thanks for reading x


Evin Austin - Bondi Junction (Sydney Aus)

Organix Shampoo and Conditioner (Leaving the conditioner on for as long as possible when in the shower) 

+ Tresemme` split remedy leave-in spray (used after showers on damp hair) - - - this stuff is really nice! 

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