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We all expected this!


Well good thing I prepared a list :)

  • Moisturise thoroughly every wash

I am not kidding. EVERY TIME. At least for now because it requires some drastic measures to retain moisture into this hair! After a while I will turn it to once a week again.. 

  • (as mentioned before) Only shampoo once a week!

Simply because I don’t need to any more often than that, and if I don’t need to- I won’t! 

  • Wear my hair in protective styles

So when I first had it done it was blow dried quite beautifully and felt nice to touch as well, so for a few days I left it in a nice shower cap every rinse. But now- it is frizzy and curly time and just my luck I have also become very ill with a mildly serious infection (its getting better) so I have been at home and my hair has gotten quite… messy to say the least. STYLES I RECOMMEND FOR FRIZZ-BALL HAIR 

-Anything in the plait genre, that is, pigtail plaits, french braid, you get me… this is a protective, stylish and frizz eliminating style that never goes out of season. 

-Anything of the bun variety, messy bun etc. Keeping in mind that sometimes with the more elegant buns (ballet buns) hair can get even messier when taken out at the end of the day so I wouldn’t wear this before a night out!!

-Half up-do. Because it is actually really easy to make the frizz work for you. A good frizzy half up do can look really casual chic. My tip is to only use a small amount of hair in the upper ‘half’ and leave strands at the front of the face to help frame your pretty features ;) Keeping in mind this style isn’t as protective as the others.


I feel like I haven’t used Argan oil in forever but I have never needed it more! Argan oil or Moroccon oil is a MUST but I also recommend Coconut oil. I WILL BE TRYING A LOT OF SERUMS SOON SO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR SOOTHING REMEDY REVIEWS! :D :D

-I want the Kevin Murphy one so bad. 

Okay, my lovelies. Thanks for reading and good luck taming your tresses :) xxx

Top: Before

Bottom: After (ignore creepy smile)


They did my hair AGAIN. It was quite hilarious actually, I arrived 20 minutes earlier than the time they told me to get there, and then I was rushed into seating because they were fretting I wouldn’t turn up. I didn’t get any consultation, there was limited discussion on what they were going to do to my hair. The woman had flown in from Melbourne and she had an idea that she wasn’t going to change, no matter what. It was all very exciting but I couldn’t help but hate the fact I didn’t have any say. 

SO she started bleaching my fringe. 

My stomach turned. 

I didn’t mention anything about not dying my roots because I thought since I already mentioned it, and she was rushing… I had to go along with it. 

She lightened the entire first third of my hair towards my face (I don’t know any proper hair-cutting terminology…) It took a lot less time than expected, it took about half an hour to sit and then it was immediately washed out! I was so surprised. They used some kind of fancy lightening stuff… was bizarro. 

I’ll tell you what was bizarro… my hair after the lightening… gee wizz. 

It was cool to have a blonde fringe though.

They then moved me into a room with a rather large audience. I sat in a chair on a stage and they all watched me get my hair done. I was getting pink put in. I wasn’t really told clearly what they were doing with the pink, even after it was washed out and blowdried they didn’t explain it. They didn’t even show me the back.

I am in love with it though.

It honestly… is the best thing ever.

I have dark pink bits at the front which sort of cascade into my pre-bleached hair from the past. It has a dusty pink tone to it. The fringe looks awesome…

I know you can’t really tell in the picture above but just trust me on this one.

If you are a bit of a dare-devil, in search of something new and you are accustom to change then I would HIGHLY recommend doing hair modelling for TONI&GUY. I am pretty sure you can apply in store. If you live in Sydney, I know that the Oxford St one is always looking for models- I just walked in and I got the job! It is free (by my understanding) and definitely an experience I won’t forget!!!