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Moroccan Royal Serum Treatment

HI! It has been a while since I have written a review, hasn’t it!?

TODAY I bought the moroccan royal serum treatment, which is basically another argan oil/moroccan oil type, but this one was about double the price of the other one I already owned (Lee Stafford’s argan oil). The thing is, this one is ACTUALLY double the size, so this makes sense…

Here is the thing:

it is even better than the other one. if that was even possible.

I have literally used it ONCE.


and my hair already looks, feels and smells like absolute divine and I don’t even understand what the difference in the products are!!!

Basically, argan oil is a moroccan oil which gives hair a healthy looking shine, feel and it smells amazing. It can also help defrizzing and smoothen your hair. It can help lock in colour (if your hair is dyed) and is BASICALLY a wonder oil for hair styling

I repeat, after ONE use… my hair feels so soft its unbelievable. I actually can’t believe it. I just.. ugh. 

No, I am not sponsored. HECK I WISH I WAS THOUGH. 


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