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Besides the fact this image was found off google. I needed a photo which included these three things, blonde, pretty and the sun

SO now that I am done playing with the bolds and italics…


the sun can do many things to a person. …shall we do this in list form?

  • Burn our skin
  • Tan our skin
  • Give us moles
  • Give us freckles
  • Give us cancer
  • Enrich us with Vitamin D
  • Make us lose our eye sight
  • Bleach our hair
  • Dry out our skin and hair

… and more…

I want to focus on the very last two :P 

Since it is summer, we need to be careful about how much time we are spending in the sun! Although most of our worries these days are about burning ourselves, which is obviously so important… we seem to forget about burning our hair. With too much direct sunlight our hair can become really dry because all the moisture is obviously being dried out. We all know how important moisture is, right!? “Please, not the moisture… anything but the moisture…”

To help prevent our hair from becoming crisp and dull (if you’re spending every day at the beach for instance), after lathering on the sunscreen… put some in your hair. It really helps! I think they sell other kinds of products to help keep your hair sun safe but I think sunscreen does the trick and seeing as though you’re already lathering it on anyway… may as well! Just put some on the ends of your fingers and run through, start at the roots because obviously the top of the head gets the most sunlight.  This is good too because you can also protect your scalp. (don’t forget the ears and around the ears!)

Bleaching of the hair, boy oh boy. To some this is a miracle “oh my god, I swear my hair just gets lighter every day, go me”

In some cases, a few extra highlights can look great. Makes you look a little more laid back, a little more easy going, a bit more like an australian… and if it is just extra highlights then it won’t be too bad for your hair either… 

It’s just those people who end up with a whole head of dry, dead, yellow-y blonde hair with really dark roots. It can make you look like you dyed your hair poorly. (If you’re at the beach a lot too… the salt water will only make this worse… and lead to green hair if you go back in chlorine…)

ANYWAY: what I am trying to say is be careful with the amount of sun you put on your hair and don’t forget the importance of moisturizing and PLEASE USE SUNSCREEN!!!!!! Hope I helped :) x

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