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We all expected this!


Well good thing I prepared a list :)

  • Moisturise thoroughly every wash

I am not kidding. EVERY TIME. At least for now because it requires some drastic measures to retain moisture into this hair! After a while I will turn it to once a week again.. 

  • (as mentioned before) Only shampoo once a week!

Simply because I don’t need to any more often than that, and if I don’t need to- I won’t! 

  • Wear my hair in protective styles

So when I first had it done it was blow dried quite beautifully and felt nice to touch as well, so for a few days I left it in a nice shower cap every rinse. But now- it is frizzy and curly time and just my luck I have also become very ill with a mildly serious infection (its getting better) so I have been at home and my hair has gotten quite… messy to say the least. STYLES I RECOMMEND FOR FRIZZ-BALL HAIR 

-Anything in the plait genre, that is, pigtail plaits, french braid, you get me… this is a protective, stylish and frizz eliminating style that never goes out of season. 

-Anything of the bun variety, messy bun etc. Keeping in mind that sometimes with the more elegant buns (ballet buns) hair can get even messier when taken out at the end of the day so I wouldn’t wear this before a night out!!

-Half up-do. Because it is actually really easy to make the frizz work for you. A good frizzy half up do can look really casual chic. My tip is to only use a small amount of hair in the upper ‘half’ and leave strands at the front of the face to help frame your pretty features ;) Keeping in mind this style isn’t as protective as the others.


I feel like I haven’t used Argan oil in forever but I have never needed it more! Argan oil or Moroccon oil is a MUST but I also recommend Coconut oil. I WILL BE TRYING A LOT OF SERUMS SOON SO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR SOOTHING REMEDY REVIEWS! :D :D

-I want the Kevin Murphy one so bad. 

Okay, my lovelies. Thanks for reading and good luck taming your tresses :) xxx

Q: hiiiya! i thought i would ask for your advice... so i'm highly considering putting paintbox purple haze through my ashy blonde hair. i've tested it on the ends and really like it, but i was just wondering if it will completely all wash out eventually? i don't want to have dye my hair to remove it because it's my natural colour which i do really love haha. (I hope this made sense!) X

Heyy!! It should wash out all a-ok!!! Ive used that colour on my natural roots and it all washed away. Depending on how light your hair is will make determine how fast it washes out. The only chance of it sticking is if your hair has been bleached or if its really really light! But that it still unlikely. Good luck! Bet youll rock it. Purples really in. Xxx

asked by velvetttea
Q: Awww thanks love :) I srsly love your hair color ❤️ how long did it take?!

Thanks heaps hehe. It took about 4 hours!!!!! But thats coz we had some problems with the previous colours showing up and my stylist had to do another person at the same time but i expected that itd take a while. You thinking of doing anything with your hair?

asked by lovelyhawaa
Going Ice Blonde Preparations!

So I have booked an appointment in at Lattouf hair and day spa ( I got a voucher for Christmas and it expires in May so I need to use it ) This spa sounds pretty good and I have read up on this “Silk Lightning” by Goldwell which they offer so I will be trying that.

I realise that before going in I must do a few bits of PREP.

(( I have been growing out my hair for 1.5 years so I am glad I can start off with a relatively healthy base… but my ends are still a bit dry from past bleaches so I am going to do thorough hair masking for the next few days before going in. ))

>MACADAMIA OIL remains to be my FAVOURITE HAIR MASK.< So I will be leaving it in my hair for up to 10 minutes.

I will also obviously NOT APPLY HEAT in any shape or form, nor use any serums, as I don’t want to weigh down my hair. 

I will wear my HAIR UP in a plait for the next few days as well, to keep the ends from getting tatty.

I will continue to sleep on my SILK PILLOWCASE. Highly recommend getting one if you have dry hair, guys! 

I am very excited and I will post heaps of photos of the process and before and afters of course! !!




Thanks guys x 

Addicted to hair dye

I am a victim of this addiction.
The feeling when you walk through an aisle of hair box dyes and you can’t help but think “maybe…”

Truth is, the root of the problem isn’t your need to change the colour, but your deep desire to change up your look.
Maybe you’re just bored, tired of the everyday? 

Here are my tips to avoid “unecessary” dye jobs (in saying this, a good colour change is never out of the option)

1. Get your hair cut! It is damage free and will still change a decent amount of your look to feel satisfied!

2. Think about the money you save. You can use this money to purchase other goodies!

3. Research celebrities or idols who share the same hair colour, how do they make it work?

4. Maybe try a cheaper, temporary alternative? However, I do NOT recommend “live” products. I attempted to go brown and went strawberry blonde??? What.

>These are just a few ideas to prove that you don’t need to succumb to your hair dye addictive needs! 

—-but, if your heart tells you to do it… and there is a specific idea in your head that you are desperate to try.. just do it, :P