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So.. Guy Tang is a genius

Today I received my two free bottles of Dare hair dye, one in no.4 Forbidden Grape and no. 10 Dare to Mix. I am VERY impressed with the packaging! I felt like I was opening a present ( I kinda am ). It came in a pink, holographic box (which I will keep for later) and included enormous amounts of confetti in crape paper… it was presented with a personalised letter with my name and details on what I had received and such… with the inclusion of instructions. So very impressed. So much fun to open! Only wish it came a little sooner but hey, I can’t complain on receiving free stuff, can I? 

Instructions that I will follow to a ‘T’ to ensure I can give adequate feedback (as mentioned before yadda yadda repeating myself)


Right now I am going to send a very thankful email to Dare’s unicorns!


The ROOT of My Problem

Hey guys! Just wanted to do a real quick hair update! Nothing too new to discuss, just a general post! 

As you know I bleached my hair a while ago! On the most part I have had a very fun and enjoyable time with my new ‘do’… i’ve dyed it pastel colours like pinks and purples and I love the fact that my hair looks high fashion even when it is a mess :P

But now is the time of suffering. My roots are terrible! I never realised how fast my hair grows :\ Its been about 2 months and I am well overdue for a touch up! 

I plan to go back to the place where I had the original dye job done because I liked the atmosphere, the people were nice and it is extremely important to go back to the place where you know they do it right!

I go to Lattouf Hair and Day Spa on Pitt St and see Kate, if you’re wondering :) 

-BTW I am getting the DARE products in the mail, as I stated before I will be doing a full review after following their careful instructions :) I am very excited! As always I plan to be very honest. 

About the photos:

Soz, I look like a mess!

In these particular photos I have let my hair air dry after a macadamia hair masque treatment (previously reviewed) with a quick spray of organix keratin proteins, a dab of argan oil and a little bit of organix coconut oil split remedy stuff!! I KNOW THIS IS A LOT OF PRODUCT! But I straightened my hair for the first time since the bleach last weekend and I knew my hair would appreciate a little more care :P You can tell where the product was put on my hair from the difference between the top and the bottom - whoops? It will fix itself overnight with natural oils :) :)

Dare to Mix?

So I emailed the Dare company a while ago with a response to their Forget Me Not hair dye. 

I wrote in response to their Instagram comment and basically told them how it didn’t work and that I was unimpressed etc. etc. Something I wouldn’t usually do unless I really meant it, ya know!

They replied!!!!!

They wrote a very long and very detailed response in UNICORN language, exampling how I can achieve the look I desired (with their product) and offered to send me some product to try!!! 


Hopefully I will get Forbidden Grape and Dare to Mix in the mail. I will follow their very descriptive instructions and let you (and them) know how it goes!!!! 

I got to say, I am very impressed with this customer service!

Dare hair colour no.1 forget me not

Deeply unimpressed.
Works as a toner… Gives you little purple effect… Not enough to call itself a pastel purple dye.

I applied the product on very light, minimal yellow toned, bleached hair. I expected good results since the colour appears the perfect shade.

I left it on for longer than the required time.

Yeah. Unimpressed. Will not repurchase!!! I dont know about the other shades but if this didnt work on me… Id be surprised if it worked on someone else!!!
Not to mention this product is not cost effective.
I can achieve the same (or better) result by mixing a dark purple with conditioner. This will not only be cheaper but it is better for the environment!

Sure, dare has a cool aesthetic. But it was not worth $20 au dollars!!!

Recommend for toning though as my hair is now a lovely shade of white with some light streaks of purple at the roots.